Mommy Has to Have an MRI

I had to try to explain to my son (my daughter, too, but I’m not sure she was really listening) why I couldn’t go to a program at his school the other day.

“Mommy has to go have a test done.”

“What kind of test?”

“It’s called an MRI.  They are going to take pictures of my brain.”


Then I fumbled over my words, trying to pick the best ones, to explain about my pituitary tumor.  I have a non-secreting adenoma or null cell adenoma.  I highly recommend this type of tumor.  It doesn’t secrete hormones into my body, so I can’t blame mood swings on it (just kidding), and it is not cancerous. These types of tumors are slow growing.  I’ve had two surgeries in the last 11 years, but there is no way to remove all of the tumor.  So, I have to get my “head checked” once a year.

While I was trying to explain this in kid terms to my son, I realized how hard it must be for those who are facing a terminal illness or serious illness.  How do they help kids fill in the blanks other than, “Mommy’s sick”?

I still don’t think he completely understands, but, as with anything I try to teach, I need to remember to keep it simple and be ready for questions later.


PBS. . .seriously?

I was watching a part of Sid the Science Kid; a show my kiddos like to watch.  The entire episode was devoted to talking about the flu virus, specifically H1N1.  I was amazed at the depth of information this show was providing my son (my daughter was still asleep at the time).

PLEASE don’t get me wrong, I think it’s important to be vaccinated (my kids both were recently).  It made me think, what else could our “children’s” shows teach?

PBS is funded “in part” by a US grant given to them by our government.  Would the government then step in and tell them what they can and cannot have on the station?

It takes my breath away when I watch how some countries are “poisoning” their children.  Teaching them to hate and to kill, long before they need to worry of such things.

Is our country THAT far behind them?

I’m not so sure. . .

The Purpose

I read a familiar story to my children tonight.  It’s a book by Max Lucado and it’s called, “Just the Way You Are”.  It tells the tale of five orphaned children who the king decides to adopt.  They are told by the townspeople that they have to have a special gift or talent to impress the king to be accepted.  Four of the children become very busy trying to make themselves “more accepted” for the king.  It gets so bad that when the youngest child asks for help, they all tell her to go away.  The youngest doesn’t feel as though she has any gift or talent, she can only offer her heart.  The king arrives to get the children and take them with him, but four are much too busy.  They don’t recognize him as the king because he doesn’t look like a “kingly” sort of person.  He’s just dressed in merchant’s clothes.  The youngest of the children spends some time speaking with the man, not knowing he is the king, and this is not unusual for her because this is how she spends her days.  Caring for people, wanting to do things for them to help earn money for her family.  The king reveals himself to the young girl and explains that her siblings will not be coming with him “for now” and that the young girl will become a child of the king.

I love this book because I think it illustrates exactly how God sees us.  He has given each of us talents and abilities, but He wants us to use them to serve Him and others in His name.

My son asked me when he would be a child of the King.  I know my son has heard the “plan of salvation” many times, but I’m not sure he understands quite yet.  I told him that the more he understands God, he’ll understand what it means to be His child.

My daughter said she didn’t want to be a child of the King.  I think she believes someone will take her away.  I explained to her that both her and her brother are gifts from God and I only have a short time with them.  Their purpose is to become a child of the King.  Of course, my daughter still insisted that she did not want to .. but I reassured her that this would be something that would happen when she is much older.  She seemed to handle the news better.

Our purpose is not to become the greatest at sports, our job, our parenting or even in serving others.  Our purpose, the reason God created us, is to bring glory to Himself.

“Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power:  for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created.”  -Revelation 4:11

Do you know what it’s like to be a child of the King?  If not, I’d love to introduce you to my Father.. . .

Our family is so blessed by God.  For my children, that blessing includes lots of toys to play with.  I try to keep up with the “purging” of toys, especially when it gets close to birthdays or Christmas.

I just went through our pantry and did a little purging today.  It’s amazing how I don’t want to throw away food, but when my family won’t eat it, I’m not using it anyway.  Two things that I had been hanging on to, for probably close to two years, got the “boot”.  One was a pasta that is shaped like letters.  It was on sale, my kids at the time didn’t eat any kind of pasta, and so I bought it.  The other item was another pasta (bought for the same reasons as just listed) and it was shaped like stars.  Both pastas are small in nature, but no matter how I prepared them my children wouldn’t eat it.  When under force they did, but who wants to fight over pasta shapes?  Not me.

After I had gotten everything cleaned up in the pantry, I started to clean off the kitchen table.  I had used the table to put everything on so I could sort it out and then put it back in a more orderly fashion.  I started to wipe away tiny letters and stars and my son became fascinated.  He asked me what I had, I explained it was pasta, he said he wanted some.  I reminded him that I had tried to feed them this type of pasta before and they wouldn’t eat it.  My son practically begged me for the pasta, and I explained it wasn’t cooked (and furthermore the rest was in the trash).

It’s amazing what we want.. only when it’s no longer around.  I so wanted a juicer.  I only used it a handful of times and after hanging on to it for a couple of years, sold it.  Now I come across all kinds of recipes for juice.  The irony of it all.

True Friend

I’d like to introduce you to an old friend of the family. . .

ted e

This is my son’s bear.  He has been his bear ever since my son was an infant.  When my son was little, ted-e was his pillow.  A few years went by, and then my son stopped sleeping with Ted-e.

After a few months, with no thought of the bear, my son one night was crying in bed.  When I went to check on him he was very upset because Ted-e was not in bed.  I picked up the bear from his resting spot, tucked away with the other stuffed animals on the floor, and gave him to my little boy.

This morning I went to wake up my now six year old boy and I found him, arms wrapped tightly around Ted-e Bear’s neck in an adorable snuggle.  I so wished I had my camera.  Just as I tried to leave to get it, my son woke up.

My kiddos have grown up so quickly.  It feels quick, and yet sometimes it’s hard to imagine them so small.  I love so many things about my son that some kids have teased him about.  I hate that the world wants our children to grow up so quickly.  I hope Ted-e remains a part of our family for years… even if he needs a bit of a nose job.

Do I have to scream?

Man oh man.  I hate yelling at my kids (or anyone else)…so why do I do it?

Today we went to church and then came home to eat lunch.  Now our Sundays are completely crazy, nuts, nerve wracking.. word it however you want.  Compound that with the fact that my hubby was working (again).  So, I’m “alone” with two kiddos.

Here’s our schedule.. we go to church, come home (usually) and eat, put the princess down for a nap, our small group from church comes over, wake up the princess from her nap, go back to church for practice with the kids program myself and my husband are involved in.  Makes me tired just typing it.  We don’t usually get home until 7.  For us, seven is late to eat.

Today I decided to “plan” ahead.  When we were getting ready to leave this morning, I peeled and chopped my onion, potatoes, and carrots for the meal.  I forgot to get out the hamburger so it could thaw, but that’s why God invented microwaves, right?  So, once we get home I thaw out the hamburger, get it cooking, and start the potatoes boiling.  All this while I’m trying to straighten up my very messy kitchen and living room, feed my kiddos, and keep a shred of sanity.  Oh wait, and I was eating carrots and dip (“lunch”).

Needless to say, pressure was high and when my princess asked for help getting bites I became a little upset.  Then the second time she asked, four seconds later, and the third.  I had to go to the pantry three times to figure out why I was in the pantry in the first place.  BOOM.. I yelled.

I don’t know if anyone else is like this, but anger for me is like a volcano.  I can feel it slowly start up, just gurgling deep down, then it starts to bubble, then bigger and bigger and BOOM.

I notice the volcano tends to get stirred up more easily when I’m trying to do something and things aren’t going as planned.  Sometimes it’s when I don’t plan things out well, or expect too much of my kiddos.

Lots of verses swirl in my head.  Everything from what Paul talks about wanting to do what’s right and not doing it to the verses that James talks about controlling my tounge.

I’ve talked to others who struggle with their anger, and I really don’t feel a big connection with them.  Their kids are different ages than mine, or they struggle in so many other areas that the anger stuff is just one piece of the puzzle.  So, am I alone?  Does anyone else really feel this way too?

Momma’s Boy

I so hated it when people called my son that.  He’s now 6, and I don’t think he’s a momma’s boy.. I think he’s a sweet boy.  He loves people (almost too much .. says hi to strangers and is super outgoing) and he loves life.

With each of my children, once I wake them up in the morning we snuggle in my recliner for a bit before we get ready for the day.  I’m telling you.. this is my favorite time with them.  Most of the time they wake up at different times so I can have some alone time too.  This morning during my snuggle time with my son I had a flash back.


My baby.. so little, so adorable.

I always said (and I still believe it) I’ve enjoyed every stage of life with my son.  This morning he gave me a hug and then wanted me to rock him, and boom.. we traveled back in time over 5 years ago when I used to rock him all the time.

Our kids grow up so fast… please don’t waste one second to tell them how fearfully and wonderfully God has made them and how much He loves them.  While you’re at it, don’t forget to tell them how much you love them too.. . .